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How it Works

Funds donated to Change4Change are used to help develop business opportunities.

Throughout the world in situations where this can fundamentally change the lives of individuals and their families. It is important to mention at this point that there are no administration fees taken out of these funds and 100% of everything that is given ends up being used as above and no fees are paid to any intermediaries.

There are, of course, administration fees incurred (including bank transfer charges), but these are all settled by the trustees who believe that it is important for you to be guaranteed that your donations will only be used for developing business opportunities. If you wish to increase the value of your gift by 28%, it is possible to do this by completing a gift aid form (so long as you are a UK tax payer).

The funds are mainly processed via approved intermediaries in the relevant country to ensure local management and control.

It is important at this stage to point out that these funds are not normally made as gifts to the recipients, but as loans that, once repaid, (with the appropriate level of interest) can be recycled to develop further businesses. This ensures a revolving fund that will continue to help numerous people. In circumstances where a loan would not be appropriate, because profitability is minimal etc., then gifts can be made to allow a sustainable business to be developed.

All our approved intermediaries , are trustworthy, with a proven ability in business. Initially the level of funds made available to these intermediaries is small and increases as the
projects develop.

The intermediary deals locally with the appropriate application for the loans. The application forms make it clear the level of commitment required and include details of what security will be available if a loan were to be granted (with very poor people this is often a bicycle or even the clothes they stand up in!). The idea behind this security is not to take these things off the applicants, but to reinforce the message that this is not an agreement to be entered into without a sensible business plan. In addition it is often suggested that groups of businesses are set up together, with each individual business providing security for the group, which encourages "corporate" responsibility and support.

Application form

If an application is accepted then the applicant completes training, which explains how the loan works, how interest is calculated, how to draw up a simple business plan (to show that the business is viable), what is meant by Gross Profit and Net Profit and the importance of reinvesting in the business, etc. All of this is done in a way which is appropriate to the applicant's level of understanding. Once the applicant has shown that they understand these principles, the process continues by them completing a simple business plan and if this is viable an interview is held with the intermediary.

If the applicant is successful, they are granted a loan, given a loan repayment book, and they commence their business operations. Part of the intermediary’s job at this stage is to regularly visit and review the business and collect the loan repayments. Successful applicants are encouraged to open a savings account as well.

Once the initial loan is repaid, it is possible for the applicant to obtain further funds, if appropriate, to expand the existing business or develop a further opportunity.

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